Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NAILS: Gradient Two-Toned Leopard

If you know me, you'll know that i'm obsessed with nail art and having my nails painted a different colour every week. I'm not the most artistic person in the world but i thought i'd give these amazing two-toned nails a try. 


Source: Tumblr

My Version: 

You'll need:
- two/three colours of nail varnish (I used Milkshake & Celestial by Topshop)
- make up sponge & scissors

I started with two coats of my base colour, 'Milkshake' and let it dry. I then cut a small piece of the make-up sponge and painted a thin layer of 'Celestial' on the edge of the sponge. 

Dab the colour lightly at the bottom of the nail - gradually build the colour by repeating and let dry. 

For the leopard print - draw one curved line and roughly join with another curved line to make the 'spot'. TIP: I looked at pictures of leopards and practised drawing the outline of their 'spots'.
Fill the spaces around the 'spots' with some messy dots and a few curved lines. Et voila! 


Aisha, xo
P.S. Please excuse the writing on my hand! I have a terrible memory and need to write things on my body to remember! :)


  1. GORGEOUS nails! Such a nice way of doing leopard print, really unique xxx

  2. These are amazing, I really need to grow my nails again x

    1. Haha, amy! Try false nails - i alternate between them and my natural nail xxx

  3. cute!!!


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