Saturday, July 30, 2011

DIY: Funky Leopard Print Nails

I saw this post on Jezebel last night and thought I'd try it for myself! Here's what DIY leopard nails should look like (click the image to see the instructions):


...and this is my version/attempt:

I thought that it'd be really hard to do, but to be honest it only took me about an hour to do. The instructions asked for two coats of your base colour but I only did one. I'm actually quite chuffed with my effort but I definitely think that it would look better with slightly longer nails. I'm definitely going to be more adventurous with my nails from now on. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Changed My Mind

So...this is the dress that i'll actually be going to the wedding in. I have never worn anything red before and so i'm taking the leap and trying something new this summer! I absolutely love the draped detailing on the dress and the asymmetric hem is just what i was looking for. There's even a frilled cape-style overlay at the back of the dress which makes it even more interesting. Oh, and this beauty is from ASOS!


Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have a wedding that i'm attending next month in August, so i've already been doing some searching online for the perfect dress. Ideally, i'd try on the dress but there is just so much more online so it's possibly worth the risk. 



Winter Kate

I definitely want a maxi dress for this wedding! But the prices of the dresses above might be pushing it a i've settled on this gorgeous blue dress from ASOS which at £60 is a bargain!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Topshop have some incredible flats in at the moment and whilst trawling through their website today i stumbled upon this gorgeous pair of studded slippers. They remind me of the studded slippers that Miu Miu did last year and i instantly knew that i had to have them. Fingers crossed they have my size! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whistles Pre-Fall Collection

Whistles has always been one of my favourite high-street stores and i'm still thankful to this day to my mum for introducing me to yet another one of my obsessions. In my opinion, Whistles are one of the few retailers out there on the high-street that really understand the need for great tailored pieces with modern designs. They have just released their Pre-Fall Collection and  i highly recommend that you have a look. Now all i need to complete my wardrobe (and life) is to get my hands on the Juliana Jumpsuit

Thursday, July 7, 2011


So...i've been in Barcelona nearly a month now and i'm ashamed to say that i've taken ONE cultural day to absorb all my surroundings! I'm currently working as an Au Pair in a town called Sitges - which is the campest, most amazing place on earth by the way - and i'm loving every second of it. The only downside so far is that i have no proper friends here and since i'm staying for another month, it would definitely help up my level of spanish. But alas, my friend Rose came to save me from despair and came to Barcelona last week with her friend two days of my summer so far i have to say.

The day after they arrived to Barcelona i took the Renfe to Barcelona city and we went around to a few of the famous sites in Barcelona and took a nosy around the gothic part of town. I instantly fell in love with this city and frantically ran around looking for ways to stay here forever! 

The very next day i invited Rose and Rob to visit Sitges because let's face it...the beaches in the city aren't the best! We did absolutely nothing except for lay on the beach all day..BLISS! 


The Chanel autumn/winter 2011 Haute Couture show was one of the select few collections that made me squeal with delight! One word came to mind when i set eyes on these beauties - moonlight. Which is befitting since the show started at 10pm because (rumour has it) Karl Lagerfeld wanted the Grand Palais to be filled with moonlight. 


Paris Fashion Week is among us! And you all know what goes hand in hand with Paris...HAUTE COUTURE. Day one was kick started with the world's top international design houses displaying their exclusive Haute Couture creations for Autumn/Winter 2011-2012. Not only was it a chance for the designers to display their latest collections but also for some designer fragrances to be launched - namely, Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier
The biggest names in fashion who've already kicked off the week include Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Christian Dior and Chanel. I will be posting a small selection of my favourite pieces from different designers.


So a little bit about me:

economics student (loving it!)
cultural absorber 
lover of all languages 
hope to live in Barcelona forever (currently where i'm writing this blog atm)
obsessed with fashion