Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunt

VELVET JACKET Urban Outfitters TOP Forever 21 WAXED TROUSERS Topshop BOOTS Zara SUNGLASSES Ray-Ban BAG Warehouse

Job-hunting is literally taking over my life right now and my decision to come back home was partly influenced by the fact that it would be easier to find a job in London...surprise, surprise my optimism has backfired! However, I refuse to give up and will take any job i'm offered right now. Having all this time on my hands is brilliant at the moment but I know eventually cabin-fever will set in and i'll be begging random people to employ me. The only thing keeping me going is my plan to attend basically every single festival this summer which I can't do without any moolah! Anyways, rant over, it's nearly the weekend and I can't wait to catch up with those who actually have a life Monday to Friday.

Aisha, xo


  1. love that outfit :) you look so good, dear! WOW!


  2. Babe, stick in there. I was job hunting for 9 months before I got my job. You look lovely by the way x

    1. Thank you! I won't give up the hunt! ;) xx

  3. Hi, I love your style ! which make is your red lipstick ? it's such a perfect red .


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