Thursday, July 7, 2011


So...i've been in Barcelona nearly a month now and i'm ashamed to say that i've taken ONE cultural day to absorb all my surroundings! I'm currently working as an Au Pair in a town called Sitges - which is the campest, most amazing place on earth by the way - and i'm loving every second of it. The only downside so far is that i have no proper friends here and since i'm staying for another month, it would definitely help up my level of spanish. But alas, my friend Rose came to save me from despair and came to Barcelona last week with her friend two days of my summer so far i have to say.

The day after they arrived to Barcelona i took the Renfe to Barcelona city and we went around to a few of the famous sites in Barcelona and took a nosy around the gothic part of town. I instantly fell in love with this city and frantically ran around looking for ways to stay here forever! 

The very next day i invited Rose and Rob to visit Sitges because let's face it...the beaches in the city aren't the best! We did absolutely nothing except for lay on the beach all day..BLISS! 

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