Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just A Thought

Lately I haven't been feeling the same about blogging as I used to. I initially started my blog because I loved writing about things that I liked but was a little anxious to start doing outfit posts until I decided to stop over-thinking it and just do it! But now after a year or so, I've started to wonder why I even do it anymore. I go through phases of being really eager to post more often and then there are days where the thought of blogging fills me with dread. I didn't like the way my approach to shopping had changed - I was buying new things on a more than regular basis and simply wasted a lot of money that realistically shouldn't have been spent. I still love reading other blogs and love fashion but it's slightly lost its appeal to me and I can't figure out why. My university course requires a lot of creative input and will always take up the majority of my time and effort. For the first time in my life i've actually found a subject course that i am in love with and feel really positive about the future. For the meantime, i'll be taking a break from blogging to focus on my other work commitments and hopefully will be back soon!


  1. You look cute. I love your pants nd your bag I've been hunting for 1 since summer

  2. I understand how you feel dear. Its good to do what your heart wants you to. I wish you all the best in your course at school! Will wait for you to return hopefully.

  3. I know that feeling...Good luck with everything :)


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