Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Revlon: One Perfect Coral

When the weather gets colder, I usually go for dark shades of plum, red, blue or purple but I found this gorgeous coral nail polish my mum had recently bought and loved it instantly. It's a slightly neon and more coral in real life which unfortunately doesn't come up on the camera, no matter which setting I used! Drying time was surprisingly quick and I didn't even need the two coats that I used because the polish has the right amount of 'thickness' to ensure full coverage. Now all I need is a holiday to somewhere obscenely hot and sunny to wear this to.   


  1. Pretty colour! It would be perfect for summer :) x

  2. Very nice color especially for dark skin.

  3. love the color!;)
    I wanna wear this now;-)

  4. i love this color. coral is def one of my favs.

    xo, natasha solae


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