Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harness x3

I've been in love with these boots for absolutely AGES and I know they're really old now but I just can't help but still adore them. Since spying the Balenciaga 'Harness' boots on the Olsen twins, my eternal love affair with boots was reinforced. They inspired a cult following and everyone wanted a pair...but at £1,795 I wasn't counting on bagging a pair. Fast forward a few years and you'll remember the 'Zoe' bootie by Sam Edelman and at around £120, the frenzy that followed is understandable. Another imitation option for all those die-hard bargain hunters out there is the lovely harness boots from an eBay seller and at £25 I'm tempted to buy more than one pair! 


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  1. Well helllllooo there, I didn't know you had a blog! Those ebay boots have been in my watch list for too long.. I need money xx


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