Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Sale Picks!

I've been going a little mad with my spending recently, so in my bid to try and save a bit of money I decided to have a look around online and in-store at the mid-season sales. I found some amazing stuff that I obviously had to buy because I seem to lack a somewhat important character trait in life - SELF CONTROL! 

Red PU Trousers - Miss Selfridge - £45 now £25

Black Coated Cropped Jeans - Miss Selfridge - £45 now £25

I only got these two pair of trousers and a pair of flares that i'll show you soon because I really do need to stop spending but there was so much more that I wanted. What did you guys manage to pick up? I hope you got to spend much more than I did :)

All this talk of sales and shopping has just reminded me that I have a tonne of stuff that I want need to sell on ebay. So if any of you fancy taking a look at what I have to offer, I'm certainly not going to stop you! Details will follow shortly after I actually get around to posting the items up for sale. 


  1. Ah, I'm crushed that I bought the 1st pair full-price. Also got them in black & grey... too much? Probably!

    Nice choices though! I'm on a self-imposed spending ban, so no new clothes for me- sale, or otherwise! :( x

  2. Not too much at all Sara! Keep up the blogging man! You should advertise's incredible xx


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